Charis Tshishamba

Company Member

Charis is a comedy writer who studied Screenwriting at Azusa Pacific University. She co-founded the production company, Women Aren’t Funny Productions, which highlights stories by and about diverse, hilarious women. Charis has had a passion for live theatre for over a decade. She is so passionate about it that she did at least one show every semester of college, even though she fully wasn’t studying theatre and did not need the credits… and yes, all that time spent in the theatre did contribute to her having to stay an extra year and a half ✌ (Yeah. It was absolutely worth it.) Charis recently received the Independent Shorts Award for best comedy short for her film Campy Spy Musical, and is currently a staff writer on an upcoming sitcom entitled Parallel. She is thrilled to be a part of the PRTC team!

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