Gary Alan Long Jr.

Company Member

Gary is an aspiring pro bowler, but since he doesn’t have much time for bowing he makes up for it with his knowledge in construction and electrical work. He started learning construction at the young age of 5 when his father brought him along on many adventures fixing up broken homes and reselling them. All was well until the economic recession that took place in 2008. After that, his prowess in construction was of no use until he got to high school and found the set construction crew for the BlackHawk Theatre Company. He stuck around there all four years of high school, picking up knowledge and experience of stagecraft until he graduated and reconnected with his father.

He went back into the property flipping business, honing in his construction skills. One day, while he was wiring recessed lighting, two wires touched his skin and caused a live current to flow through his body. This inspired the idea of learning how to work on electrical tasks. Although not having the most creative mind, Gary is a problem fixer at heart and is excited to work with this new ensemble to tackle this show.

Gary's Involvement in Previous Shows


      • Run Crew


      • Lighting Designer / Run Crew

  • STEEL MAGNOLIAS (August 2022)

      • Set Crew